Video shows woman set Chinese tourist straight on 'Taiwan independence'

Taiwanese woman explains to tourist that it was PRC that declared independence from ROC

(YouTube, Bldaily screenshot)

(YouTube, Bldaily screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A video showing a Taiwanese restaurant owner setting a Chinese tourist straight on the histories of their two countries has gone viral.

On Oct. 9, the eve of Taiwan's National Day, a Taiwanese restaurant owner was captured on video having a conversation with a Chinese tourist. When the Chinese national asked the restauranteur whether Taiwan wants independence, she quickly retorted: "No, of course not. It was your People's Republic of China that declared independence from the Republic of China. It was you who first declared independence. How can you say my Taiwan wants independence?"

The female Chinese patron can then be heard cackling in the background. The man holding the camera can be heard saying, "It was we who were the earliest."

The feisty eatery operator then pointed out that the Republic of China was founded 109 years ago, while the People's Republic of China was established 38 years later: "You have only been around 72 years, think about it."

"Who became independent first? It was you who [declared independence] first. How can you say we want Taiwanese independence? You're confused about the situation ... You're really confused about the situation." She went on to say that Chinese citizens are really "pitiful" because they have been "cheated by the Chinese Communist Party their whole lives."

The man shooting the video can be heard agreeing by saying "brainwashing, brainwashing." The video was posted on Twitter on Oct. 9 and quickly went viral in Taiwan, with many netizens applauding the spunky woman:

"I really like this response!"

"This Taiwanese Big Sister is clear-headed. Make her the party secretary, that would be much better."

"Such a simple arithmetic problem, but the mainland moron still doesn't get it."

"It's the Chinese Communist Party that wants independence."