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Taiwan Armed Forces kicks off 'Combat Readiness Week' drills

Five-day 'Combat Readiness Week' exercise strengthens nation's combat capabilities

Apache attack helicopters 

Apache attack helicopters  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Taiwanese military on Monday night (Oct. 26) kicked off its fourth annual "Combat Readiness Week" exercises, which will last for five days and take place across the nation.

In the face of frequent Chinese military activity around Taiwan, the Armed Forces are holding Combat Readiness Week drills in order to strengthen the nation’s combat capabilities. Drills will cover various areas including weapons loading, military hardware concealment, combat power preservation, counterattack maneuvers, ammunition replenishment, and nighttime operations.

Military personnel explained that every three months, Armed Forces will designate a month as “Combat Readiness Month” and carry out field reconnaissance exercises and computer war games before conducting drills on the final week of the month, CNA reported.

This year, one AH-64E Apache attack helicopter and one UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the 601st Army Aviation Special Forces Brigade will land next to the Hsinchu Taiwan High Speed Rail station on Thursday, where personnel will practice hot refueling and arming among other drills.