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Disney-themed Christmasland in New Taipei opens Nov. 13

This year's Disney-themed Christmasland festival in New Taipei to run for 52 days

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — New Taipei City on Monday (Oct. 26) announced the opening date of its much-anticipated Christmasland festival, which this year will feature a Disney-themed light show.

For the 10th anniversary of New Taipei City's Christmasland, the city announced on Sept. 7 that this year's version will feature Disney characters such as Snow White, Peter Pan, Dumbo, and Alice in Wonderland in light shows and installations. After over a month of speculation over the starting date, the city on Monday (Oct. 26) announced that the festival will start on Nov. 13, 2020, and last until Jan. 3, 2021, a total of 52 days, reported UDN.

In addition to New Taipei City Plaza, this year's event will also be installations at the Fuzhong Shopping Area. New Taipei's Christmasland, which is listed along with Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore as one of the "four major Christmas celebrations in Asia," has not yet revealed much information about this year's festivities.

What is known thus far is that the New Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism Bureau will cooperate with Disney for the first time to create the only Disney light sculpture projection show in the country. Altogether, in the four main areas, including themed lighting, amusement rides, and art installations, there will be a total of 48 featured attractions, the largest number in the history of the spectacle, bringing a more diversified visual feast to the public.

A partial list of performers has been released, which includes Accusefive, 9m88, and OSN (高爾宣), all singing on the same stage. Last year, the festival welcomed more than 6.18 million visitors.