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Taiwanese student aids injured 'grandpa' with jacket outside MRT

Injured elderly man reminds Taiwanese high school student of his grandfather

(Facebook, 愛新莊我是新莊人 photo)

(Facebook, 愛新莊我是新莊人 photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A high school student has won praise from Taiwanese netizens for using his jacket to help halt the bleeding from a head wound suffered by an elderly man after he suddenly fell on Monday (Oct. 19).

On Monday evening, an elderly man fell down and suffered head trauma just outside the Danfeng MRT Station in New Taipei City, causing him to begin to bleed. When the accident occurred, a high school student immediately took off his jacket and used it to compress the wound and elevate the man's head until an ambulance arrived.

The image was soon posted online, winning the praise of many Taiwanese netizens. He was later identified as Hsiao Tzu-chin (蕭子秦), a third-year student at New Taipei Municipal DanFeng High School.

He was cited by Liberty Times as saying that when he saw the elderly man lying on the ground, he initially wanted to help pick up his shoes. However, when he noticed that the man was bleeding, he recalled the first aid process when the burly YouTuber Holger Chen (陳之漢) was shot, and he initially planned to use tissue paper to help stop the bleeding.

But when he saw how badly the man was bleeding, he quickly improvised and used his jacket instead. Bystanders who witnessed the incident helped out by calling for an ambulance.

In response to praise he received for coming to the man's aid, he modestly said that there were many other people who helped out. He added that "I believe that if it was not me, other people would have done it. I just happened to be there when it happened."

Hsiao said that after paramedics were able to tend to the man, a person on the scene handed him a plastic bag to place his jacket in, which he felt was a kind gesture. He said that his parents were very busy with work for much of his childhood and that it was his grandparents who helped raise him.

He said that he had a particularly close relationship with his grandfather and his death in May of this year made him very sad. Hsiao said that when he saw the elderly man lying on the sidewalk, it made him think of his grandfather.

"I just thought that at that time, the old man should be going home, and his family is probably waiting for him," said Hsiao. He said he then went ahead and started helping the man.

Hsiao said that when he was a child, his grandfather would always push him around in a stroller. When he reached junior high school, his grandfather's health started to deteriorate.

"What struck me most was was that before my grandfather always pushed me around in a stroller, but later it was me who was pushing my grandfather around in a wheelchair," lamented Hsiao. He said that after graduation, he hopes to attend Taipei National University of the Arts, where he can create an animated story about his grandfather.

Taiwanese student aids injured 'grandpa' with jacket outside MRT
(Facebook, 愛新莊我是新莊人 photo)

Updated : 2021-11-30 18:39 GMT+08:00