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China claims 'wolf warriors' were 'provoked' into assaulting Taiwanese diplomat in Fiji

China justifies beating of Taiwanese diplomat for trying to create 'one China, one Taiwan'

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. (CCTV 13 screenshot)

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. (CCTV 13 screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — China's embassy in Fiji on Monday (Oct. 19) claimed that two of its "wolf warrior diplomats" were "provoked" into physically assaulting a Taiwanese diplomat during a National Day event earlier this month.

On Sunday (Oct. 18), news broke that two Chinese diplomats barged into a reception being held at Grand Pacific Hotel by the Taiwan de facto embassy in Suva recognizing Taiwan's National Day on Oct. 8. Once inside, the two Chinese diplomats allegedly took photos of the function and those in attendance.

When they were asked by a member of the Taiwanese delegation to leave the gathering, they refused. Later, outside the venue, the two Chinese "wolf warriors" allegedly set upon the Taiwanese diplomat, inflicting head trauma that required hospital treatment.

In response to news reports on the incident, the Chinese embassy in Fiji on Monday issued an official statement on its website. The embassy first skirted the issue by crying foul at a function that "clearly violates the one-China principle" and characterized it as an attempt to "create 'two Chinas' or 'one China, one Taiwan' internationally."

The Chinese embassy accused Taipei Trade Office staff of acting "provocatively" against Chinese diplomats who it claimed were "carrying out official duties" outside that venue, while not going into detail what those duties were. The embassy then seemed to reverse the story by claiming that Taiwanese staff members inflicted "injuries and damage to one Chinese diplomat" without specifying the injury or damage.

The Chinese embassy then parroted its Taiwanese counterpart by saying it has requested Fijian police to investigate the incident. It closed by repeating its mantra that there is "only one China in the world," alleged that Taiwan is "part of China's territory," and praised the Fijian government for "upholding the one-China principle."

China claims 'wolf warriors' were 'provoked' into assaulting Taiwanese diplomat in Fiji
Photo from Taiwan National Day event in Suva. (Taipei Trade Office in Fiji photo)

At the time of the incident, local police declined to investigate the case as the Chinese diplomats had claimed diplomatic immunity, according to local reports. Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Spokesperson Joanne Ou (歐江安) told Taiwan News that the assailants were forcibly removed from the premises by police, but they claimed that the Taiwanese diplomat had struck first in an effort to "reverse the truth and confuse the people."

Ou said that the Taiwanese staff member suffered a concussion and that MOFA has asked the representative office to submit relevant evidence and witness statements to local police and Fiji's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry has also lodged a "solemn protest' to the Chinese embassy for the attack by its staff members.

MOFA stated that it strongly condemns the "serious violations of the rule of law and civilized norms" by the staff of the Chinese embassy in Fiji. In the wake of recent aggressive acts by Chinese "wolf warrior diplomats," MOFA has asked its representative offices to maintain close contact with local police and strengthen security operations for future events.

Updated : 2022-01-27 04:28 GMT+08:00