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Photonics Festival in Taiwan: An integrated smart Industry chain

Photonics Festival in Taiwan: An integrated smart Industry chain

Innolux Corporation joins this exhibition to showcase its latest products. Meanwhile, Micro LED, Silicon Photonics, 5G Communication, Space Photonics and Military/Defense Photonics, plus Epidemic Prevention Technologies are the hot topics this year.

Article by Taiwan Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association

Photonics Festival in Taiwan (including OPTO Taiwan & Optics Taiwan) shows the development trend of Taiwan's optoelectronics and lead the trend of high end market by introducing six theme pavilion: Taiwan Micro LED SIG Pavilion, Taiwan 5G OptoComm SIG Pavilion, Taiwan Science Parks Pavilion, Academic Research Zone, Opto Space Pavilion and Opto Defence Pavilion. The show organizaer Photonics Industry & Technology Association (PIDA) has gathered elites and leaders of Taiwan photonics industry to promote their ideas and innovations through 13 seminars. PIDA welcome business leaders and buyers of the world to join this event and create new opportunities and values.

A series of exhibitions will be held in the Photonics Festival in Taiwan event, such as: OPTO Taiwan and OPTICS Taiwan. Both of them are scheduled to take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from October 21st to 23rd, 2020.

For the first time, OPTO Taiwan joins TAITRONICS & AloT Taiwan, TPCA and Laser Show to connect the electronics industry and to promote cross-domain integration to present a complete electronics manufacturing industry. This joint exhibition is to create the exhibitor’s exposure and new business opportunities in the 5G era. Now, the first step is to register online below.

According to Kenneth Tai, the Chairman of PIDA, OPTO Taiwan is the most important technology-driven exhibition in Taiwan. People who attend the exhibition will find most updated photonics research results and forums with updated photonics information. The OPTO Taiwan, which cooperates with Netherland, Australia, England, USA and Singapore recently, offers an opportunity of 'Inside out & Outside in” meeting to all visitors.

Taiwan Micro LED Pavilion

Huai-Jia Luo, the CEO of PIDA, emphasizes that Taiwan is one of the important manufacturing bases of global panel industry. Various products will be demonstrated at the exhibition, such as display products from Innolux Corporation. In addition, Micro LED TMSIG organized by PIDA has invited 18 companies from 8 different countries, such as: Applied Materials, KLA, Aixtron, VEECO, ULVAC, Orbotech, Picosun, SPTS, ASM, and well-known companies from Taiwan, such as: Innolux, PlayNitride, EcoNet, YF Precision, JDC to display the most comprehensive supply chain for one-stop shopping. Please register for the large micro-LED Display industry Trend Forum on 2020/10/22 9:00am (Thursday).

Taiwan 5G OptoComm SIG Pavilion

Taiwan and the U.S. industry are working closely and focusing on 5G & semiconductor technologies and the leading-edge technologies such as Quantum Computing & Third-generation semiconductor technology. The joint effort is expected to realize ultra high speed computing, more secured communication and diversified sensor technology. There are 14 companies and 5 universities joining 5G TOSIG Community and presenting the research results. A forum on silicon photonics and 5G communication will be held on 2020/10/21 (Wednesday) at 9:00

Space Photonics made in Taiwan

Since the government is dedicated to space industry, there will be 10 satellites to be launched in the coming 10 years. NSPO (National Space Organization) will showcase the TRITON in the exhibition, which is a 300kg satellite to offer GPS and signal receive services. It is used to gather all the signals from the earth on the lower earth orbit. It is used to analyze the composition of soil, the strength of typhoon/hurricane and other relative research. It is expected to lunch in June, 2002. Anyone who is interested to cooperate, such as image sensor and solar battery, Please register Opto Space forum2020/10/23 (Friday) at 9:00.

National Defense Photonics Pavilion

In the National Defense and Photonics pavilion, it showcases the thermal imaging camera, array radar, the most popular UAV defense system in recent years, photoelectric tracking system, gallium nitride epitaxial technology and RF power component research and development, laser beam combiner module, and flight control components, such as: GPS navigation receivers, MEMS IRU, asteroids and reaction wheels and other equipment. Also in this area, viewers will be able to glimpse the application of photonics technology in the development of national defense technology.

About “PIDA-Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association”:

Since the optoelectronic technology is broadly used in different areas nowadays, more and more countries invest optoelectronic technology now. Like other countries, Taiwan has also listed the optoelectronic industry as one of the key areas of technological development. On May 31st, 1991, former senior manager, Li Kwoh-Ting, and former prime minister, Zhao Yaodong, and former National Science Council chairman, Mr. Xia Hanmin, and the head of the preparatory office, Dr. Peter T.C Shih, jointly invited more than 20 academic and business leaders to establish the "Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association" initiative meeting. In November, 1991, it was approved by the National Science Council. On April 13, 1993, the PIDA has been officially registered and in operation. Currently, Mr. Kenneth Tai is the chairman, and Mr. Luo Huai-Jia is the CEO of PIDA.

Government officials, Mr. Jong-Chin Shen, Vice Premier, Executive Yuan, Mr. Chern-Chyi Chen, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and Mr. Raymond Greene, Deputy Director, American Institute in Taiwan, were invited to the opening. They join the show organizers Mr. James C. F. Huang, Chairman, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA),Mr. Kenneth Tai, Chairman, Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA),Mr. Richard Tsu-Chin Lee, Chairman, Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA), Mr. Maurice Lee, Chairman, Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), and Mr. Chung Yi Pan, Honorary Chairman, Taiwan Laser Technology Application Association to kick off the first Taiwan Electronic Manufacturing Show together.