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Heavy rainfall forecast for eastern Taiwan and mountains in the north from Wednesday

For coming week, Taiwan will be predominantly affected by northeasterly winds, bringing sun and rain to different areas

(CWB photo)

(CWB photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) said on Sunday (Oct. 18) that the interaction of a tropical disturbance developing over the Philippine Sea and the seasonal northeasterly winds will bring heavy rain to some parts of Taiwan from Wednesday.

In the coming week, high temperatures on the sea surface will provide energy for the development of tropical disturbances over the Philippine Sea, while weather for Taiwan will still be predominantly affected by northeasterly winds, with areas facing the winds receiving rain and areas against them seeing sunny weather, CNA cited Wu as saying.

Humidity brought by the northeasterly winds will decrease slightly on Monday and Tuesday, the meteorologist said, forecasting brief and isolated showers for the Greater Taipei Area and eastern Taiwan, cloudy skies for Taoyuan, and sunny weather for areas south of Hsinchu.

Due to the tropical disturbance moving towards the South China Sea and its interaction with the northeasterly winds, humidity is expected from Wednesday to Friday, bringing scattered showers to areas north of Hsinchu, heavy rainfall to the eastern half of the country and mountainous areas in northern Taiwan, increased cloudiness to the south, and increasingly lower temperatures to northern Taiwan.

From Friday afternoon to Saturday, the weather will improve, with cloudy skies and mild rain forecast for the Greater Taipei Area, chances of showers for the eastern side of the country and mountainous areas in the north, and warm weather for areas south of Taoyuan.

Updated : 2021-10-24 07:32 GMT+08:00