New York Post alleges links between Hunter Biden and Chinese energy group

According to emails younger Biden discussed lucrative joint venture with Chinese company

Hunter Biden (left) with then-Vice President Joe Biden during a visit to China in 2013. 

Hunter Biden (left) with then-Vice President Joe Biden during a visit to China in 2013.  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Emails show the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was working on financial deals with a now-bankrupt Chinese energy corporation, the New York Post alleged Thursday (Oct. 15).

The report was the latest in a series of allegations in the newspaper targeting Hunter Biden’s overseas activities. However, major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have restricted reporting on the allegations amid doubts about their credibility.

Hunter Biden reportedly exchanged e-mails about a deal with CEFC China Energy Co., a company chaired by Ye Jianming, who was taken into custody in China in early 2018 and has not been heard of since, according to the New York Post. The company reportedly went bankrupt early this year.

The New York Post said the emails were found on a laptop never retrieved from a computer repair shop in former Vice President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware. The FBI is in possession of the computer, while the information copied by the shop owner was provided to Donald Trump ally Rudy Giuliani, who shared it with the New York tabloid.

Under the alleged deal, the younger Biden might have become chairman or deputy chairman of a new venture, which was not named in the emails. His “remuneration package” was listed as “850,” without any reference to the currency or full amount of the sum.

The emails also mentioned a provisional agreement with 80 percent of shares in the project to be split equally among four people, designated by their initials. According to the New York Post, “H” referred to Hunter Biden.

He would receive 20 percent of the shares, but the email also included the question “10 held by H for the big guy?” without any explanation of who that might refer to.

The report also says that in 2017, Hunter Biden met Ye in Miami and he agreed to a 50 percent stake in a joint venture “so much more interesting to me and my family,” as it would give him a share of the profits.

According to the emails quoted by the New York Post, the two already had a three-year deal paying Hunter Biden US$10 million (NT$287.5 million) a year in consulting fees based on introductions. The new accord would turn into “a much more lasting and lucrative arrangement,” he wrote in the alleged email.