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Taiwan's veep to protest AP after demanding apology from CNN

Vice President Annette Lu will lodge a protest to Associated Press Wednesday afternoon for carrying a story with a quote that painted her as“the scum of the nation" Tuesday.
The AP article is extensively used by media organizations at home and abroad including the U.S.-based Cable News Network, which published an article headlined“Taiwan's scum of the nation runs for president" in its online edition Tuesday.
Lu has demanded an apology from CNN in a protest letter dated March 6 although the CNN article was an AP dispatch on Lu's declaration of her presidential bid.
"I'm stunned by the CNN online edition's rude and disrespectful headline," Lu said in a letter written in the name of the Office of the Vice President.
Such a headline is an extreme affront to a two-term popularly elected vice president and Taiwan people's dignity, Lu said, adding that the headline obviously violates CNN's basic news coverage principles and ethics.
Even though CNN revised its headline in its subsequent reports, its original headline was widely quoted by local media, Lu complained, adding that as of Tuesday evening, popular Internet portals, such as Google, had not yet made any correction.
In this era of borderless, instant news coverage, it's utterly regrettable that the CNN used such a contemptuous headline to refer to Taiwan's popularly elected vice president, Lu pointed out.
Lu said she hopes that CNN can issue a public apology to her and the people of Taiwan and adopt appropriate remedy measures, such as giving her an interview.
The vice president will not rule out the possibility of taking legal action against CNN to uphold Taiwan's dignity, Lu added.

Updated : 2021-10-20 05:19 GMT+08:00