Photo of the Day: Severed fish head mascot spotted at Taiwan baseball game

Dancing decapitated milkfish head mascot hooks foreign netizens

(Chen Ching-chih photo)

(Chen Ching-chih photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — This photo of a dancing disembodied fish mascot at a baseball game in southern Taiwan had foreign netizens scratching their heads last week.

The photographer, Chen Ching-chih, said he captured the photo at a Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) game in southern Taiwan's Tainan City on Oct. 2. Although Chen initially described it as a "sliced tuna head mascot," he told Taiwan News that netizens had explained it is actually the head of a milkfish.

"Sababoy" is the mascot for the Tainan Uni-Lions. The odd mascot actually made its debut on April 24.

The design was created by Tainan-based illustrator Marcomics as part of an effort to promote tourism in the city. The seemingly odd character was chosen because milkfish head soup is a popular delicacy in Tainan.

Foreign netizens on the social media site Reddit were fascinated by the kooky catch:

"Kinda gross but also kinda cute."

"Rockin a face mask too... love it."

"I want to know how does the cap stay on?"

"I need this in my life."

(Chen Ching-chih photo)