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Contributors to the AP/FRONTLINE probe of supply lines

Contributors to the AP/FRONTLINE probe of supply lines

Associated Press staff from around the world who contributed to the AP/"FRONTLINE" investigation into the failure of medical supply chains and its effect on America's response to the COVID-19 pandemic included:

Charles Arbogast, AP photographer in Chicago

Michael Biesecker, AP investigative reporter in Washington

Yu Bing, AP researcher in Beijing

Stephen Braun, AP investigative reporter in Washington

Allen Breed, AP national writer/video journalist in Atlanta

Si Chen, AP researcher in Shanghai

Teresa Crawford, videographer in Chicago

Meghan Hoyer, AP data editor

Irena Hwang, AP data intern in Atlanta

Anthony Izaguirre, AP newsperson in Charleston, West Virginia

Linda A. Johnson, AP medical writer in Trenton, New Jersey

Dake Kang, AP videojournalist in Beijing

Erika Kinetz, AP newsperson in Rieti, Italy

Tong-hyung Kim, AP reporter in Seoul, South Korea

Jung Yoon Kim, AP senior producer, Seoul

Tom Krisher, AP auto writer in Detroit

Kimberlee Kruesi, AP reporter in Nashville

Johnson Lai, AP senior producer in Taiwan

Steve LeBlanc, AP reporter in Boston

Ken Moritsugu, AP news director in Beijing

Lauran Neergaard, AP medical writer in Washington

Thomas Peipert, AP reporter in Denver

Sarah Rankin, AP reporter in Richmond, Virginia

Marcio Sanchez, AP Photographer in Los Angeles

Alan Suderman, AP reporter in Richmond

Sudhin Thanawala, AP reporter in Atlanta

Jeff Turner, AP videographer in Los Angeles

Raghu Vadarevu, AP news editor in Phoenix

Patrick Whittle, AP reporter in Portland, Maine

Brian Witte, AP reporter in Annapolis, Maryland

Maye-E Wong, AP photographer in New York