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Taiwan 7-Eleven customer buys NT$10 tea egg, wins NT$2 million

NT$10 million Special Prize winner in Taichung bought PGO scooter for NT$81,000

Batch of tea eggs. 

Batch of tea eggs.  (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The July-August round of the Taiwan receipt lottery has produced 22 lucky winners of the NT$10 million (US$347,000) Special Prize and 21 takers of the NT$2 million Grand Prize, both record highs, with one person hitting the jackpot after spending a mere NT$10 on a tea egg at 7-Eleven.

After posting the winning numbers for the July to August round of the Taiwan receipt lottery on Sept. 26, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) on Monday (Oct. 5) released its full list of winners. The winner who spent the least and won the most this time around was a 7-Eleven customer in New Taipei City's Tucheng District who purchased a bread product for NT$35 and came away with the NT$10 million Special Prize jackpot.

The person who spent the most and took the Special Prize was a PGO Scooters customer who purchased a J-bubu 115 for NT$81,000 at a branch on Guoguang Road in Taichung's Dali District. According to the MOF, this is the most a Special Prize winner has spent in history and the first time the purchaser of a scooter has landed the biggest prize.

In addition, there were two customers who won the Special Prize after ordering takeout via Uber Eats. Other purchases of NT$100 or less that garnered the Special Prize included NT$90 for cigarettes at an OK Mart in Taipei's Beitou District, NT$65 for a snack and beverage at the Great Skyview in Taipei's Wanhua District, NT$100 for a parking fee at Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation Area in Hsinchu, and NT$90 for a tobacco product at a FamilyMart in Tainan City's Liujia District.

As for the lucky winner who took the Grand Prize after spending the least, a customer at a 7-Eleven on Xinnong Street in Taoyuan's Yangmei District struck gold after purchasing a tea egg for NT$10. Similarly, a customer at a FamilyMart on Yikeng Road in New Taipei City's Ruifang District only spent NT$40 on a drink to earn NT$2 million.

The winning number for the NT$10 million Special Prize for the July-August edition of the Taiwan receipt lottery, also known as the uniform invoice lottery, is 13362795. The winning number for the NT$2 million Grand Prize is 27580166.

The winning numbers for the First Prize are 53227282, 35082085, and 37175928. If all the digits on a receipt match any of these three sets of numbers in the right order, the prize is NT$200,000.

As for the additional prize, there are two this time around: 987 and 614. Holders of receipts with the last three digits matching this three-digit number will garner an NT$200 prize.

Updated : 2021-09-19 16:36 GMT+08:00