Taiwanese people line up to get government-funded flu vaccines

Those eligible should vaccinate as soon as possible to reduce burden on healthcare system: Chen Shih-chung

Taiwanese people line up to get government-funded flu vaccines

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Government-funded flu vaccines became available Monday (Oct. 5), and people have been seen lining up across Taiwan to receive them.

The vaccines are available for a variety of groups, including those aged 6 months old to high school-age, adults aged over 50, parents with babies under 6 months old, pregnant women, and kindergarten staff.

The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC) said in a press release that the qualifications for receiving this year’s government-funded flu vaccines are the same as last year, adding that the amount purchased — 6 million doses — also remains unchanged and covers one-quarter of the population.

Noting that some flu symptoms are similar to those of COVID-19, Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung (陳時中) said that a surge in flu infections could lead to confusion that would increase the burden on the country’s medical system. Therefore, Chen urged those who qualify to get vaccinated as early as possible.

Taiwan CDC reminds the public that antibodies from flu vaccines develop about two weeks after an injection, which protects recipients from viruses for about a year.

For more information, please visit the Ministry of Health and Welfare website or call the toll-free Communicable Disease Reporting and Consultation Hotline at 1922 or 0800-001922.

Updated : 2020-12-04 05:17 GMT+08:00