Taiwan military has conducted more than 11,000 air, maritime missions in 2020

Government report states these missions help maintain military capabilities, national sovereignty

Taiwan F-16 monitoring Chinese military aircraft.

Taiwan F-16 monitoring Chinese military aircraft. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of National Defense (MND) on Monday (Oct. 5) mentioned in a report that in response to changes in the enemy’s situation, the military has dispatched aircraft more than 4,132 times and launched 7,531 maritime patrols to conduct joint intelligence surveillance, reconnaissance, combat readiness missions, and routine joint fishery protection duties.

The patrols have helped to maintain the nation’s military capabilities and territorial sovereignty, CNA reported.

The MND report covered the effectiveness of its policies and strategies in 2020 thus far. The ministry pointed out in its "Early Warning and Monitoring" project that in response to changes in China’s regional military activities, the ministry should closely attend to the dynamics and security situation in the Taiwan Strait.

Regarding the "joint battalion," the report pointed out that this year's live-fire Han Kuang exercise focused on using these newly formed units along with F-16V jets, Clouded Leopard armored vehicles, and Navy ships in key drills to test their efficacy in combat.

The MND also stated that in order to deal with new threats, such as stealth fighters and unmanned attack aircraft, it has completed eight radar performance enhancement plans, including the "An Min Plan," and strengthened the detection capabilities of multiple military installations to facilitate better aerial detection and improved contingency plans.

The Chinese military has been increasing its activities around Taiwan, sending fighter planes and warships into or near the nation’s air and maritime borders. Aircraft from the People’s Liberation Army Air Force have frequently breached Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) and crossed the median line in the strait; since September 16, the Chinese military planes have breached Taiwan’s ADIZ 11 times.

Defense Minister Yen Teh-fa (嚴德發) will go to the Legislative Yuan on Wednesday for a briefing with the Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee.