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Formosan black bear freed from trap in Taiwan orchard

Animal will be released back into the wild once its injuries are healed

A Formosan black bear was trapped at an orchard in Taichung City 

A Formosan black bear was trapped at an orchard in Taichung City  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A Formosan black bear that walked into a trap set up to catch wild boar and monkeys was freed after intervention by veterinarians, reports said Thursday (Oct. 1).

A farmer in the Heping district of Taichung City found the animal in his orchard caught in wires set up to prevent other animals from stealing fruit, CNA reported. When police, forestry workers, and veterinarians from the Endemic Species Research Institute Conservation Education Center arrived on the scene, they found the bear had injured himself while trying to break loose from the wires.

Police prevented more people from approaching the site amid concern the bear would panic and harm itself even more seriously. After the veterinarians put it under anesthesia, they found ear markings showing the animal had been caught before in 2018 and that its range was unexpectedly large.

The animal will first be moved to a recovery center where the injuries to its front paws and mouth will have to heal before a decision is made when to release it back in the wild. The authorities will inform local farmers how to ward off bears, advising them to replace the wire traps with electric fences for more effective and less painful protection, CNA reported.

Updated : 2022-01-21 07:15 GMT+08:00