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Taiwanese spooked by ghostly arm emerging from bus

Creepy video shows what appears to be detached arm darting out from bus

Ghoulish hand protruding from bus. (Facebook, 靈異公社 screenshots)

Ghoulish hand protruding from bus. (Facebook, 靈異公社 screenshots)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Despite the fact that Ghost Month (鬼月) has already come to an end, Taiwanese netizens were spooked when a creepy video surfaced on Monday (Sept. 28) showing a pale, white arm suddenly emerge from a bus.

Taiwan's Ghost Month, which is observed in the seventh month of the lunar calendar, is when Taoists and Buddhists believe the gates of hell are opened for "hungry ghosts" to roam the world of the living in search of food, money, entertainment, and possibly souls. A "hungry ghost," is a being that has been sent to the underworld to suffer an eternal state of hunger for its misdeeds or for not having had a proper burial.

Although Ghost Month came to a close on Sept. 16, many Taiwanese are still on edge about supernatural events and are still very worried about being "visited" by Good Brothers, especially in this most inauspicious of years. As a scooter driver weaved through traffic earlier this week, he witnessed a ghoulishly white hand suddenly materialize in front of him and reach towards him as he drew near.

On Monday (Sept. 28) a member of the Facebook group Supernatural Commune (靈異公社) uploaded the video with the caption "Good thing the seventh month is over. This scared me to death." In the video, which is accentuated with sinister music, the scooter driver comes to a halt when the ethereal appendage surfaces.

At first, it appears that a detached arm has floated out from beneath the bus. However, a closer look at the video reveals that a woman had dropped her precious smartphone and was reaching through an apparent gap in the doors of the bus.

After successfully retrieving the device, the owner of the phone can then be seen through the window standing up as the arm slides back inside. Fortunately for the woman who dropped her phone, the motorist noticed her hand in time.

Apprehensive Taiwanese netizens were unnerved by the video:

"Record-breaking terror."

"At first glance, it really was frightening."

"I was so scared that my body hair exploded."

"This really scared me."

"If I was that driver, I would have fallen over."

"I would have peed."