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Trial run for Double 10 Day fireworks held in Taiwan’s Tainan

City government has recommended best places to view upcoming event

Trial run for Double 10 Day fireworks held in Taiwan’s Tainan

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Thousands of people went to Yuguang Island in Tainan City’s Anping District on Saturday (Sept. 26) to watch a trial run of the 2020 Double 10 Day fireworks, and visitors beheld a total of 800 rockets over the course of three minutes.

The purpose of the trial run was to adjust the launch angles for the fireworks display, which is scheduled to take place on the night of Oct. 10, CNA reported.

The 800 rockets — composed of 430 high-altitude and 370 low-altitude projectiles — are estimated to be less than one-tenth of what is expected for the Double 10 Day celebration.

When the fireworks were launched, the lights around the main stage and inside the buildings along the arteries leading to Yuguang Island were cut to enhance the visibility of the pyrotechnics.

The main stage for the upcoming event will be at Love Square; the secondary stages will be at the Sunset Platform, the 1661 Taiwan Warship Museum, and Sikunshen. Performance programs are scheduled for all the stages.

A number of places have been recommended by the city government for viewing the fireworks. These include the following: Love Square, the empty lot beside the Sunset Platform, the Lin Mo Niang Park, the 1661 Taiwan Warship Museum, Eternal Golden Fortress, Longgang Elementary School, and Sikunshen Beach.

Additionally, the Tainan Music & Fireworks Festival at the Jiangjun Fishing Harbor is scheduled for Sunday (Sept. 27), where a 15-minute firework display will take place at 8:20 p.m.