Marine Corps holds ceremony for fallen marine

Sergeant Amal Dakau passed away from injuries during recent Han Kuang training mishap

Sergeant Amal Dakadu passed away Sept. 16

Sergeant Amal Dakadu passed away Sept. 16 (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — In memory of Sergeant Amal Dakadu, who passed away on Sept. 16 from injuries during a Han Kuang training accident, the Marine Corps held a memorial ceremony on Friday (Sept. 25).

The ceremony took place on the first floor of a military history exhibition hall in Kaohsiung’s Zuoying District at 6 p.m. Marine Corps Commander Lieutenant General Wang Jui-lin (王瑞麟) led chief officers and military representatives to accompany family members of Dakadu, lighting small lamps to commemorate the fallen soldier, CNA reported.

The atmosphere at the ceremony was somber as guests showed up to present flowers and lit lamps. As Wang delivered a speech, he referred to the dead soldier, "Your mission is complete. The Marines will always thank you and wish you a good journey."

Additionally, Dakadu’s child wrote on a Post-it note saying, "Thank you for your hard work and always being there for us. You must bless us from heaven! I will do as I’m told," and, "Dad, you were always loyal," referencing the Marine Corps’ famous motto. The Marine Corps Command pointed out that Sergeant Dakadu gave his all during training, sacrificing his life to save others and that he had fully shown the spirit of a Rukai warrior.

The Marine Corps conducted a rubber dinghy drill during this year's Han Kuang exercise on July 3 in which three marines, including Dakadu, passed away. The history exhibition hall will be open on Saturday and Sunday for individuals to pay their respects to the marine.