Taiwan's Matsu Defense Command conducts joint live-fire drills

Taiwanese military carried out exercises in Lienchang County's Nangan, Beigang, Juguang townships

Soldiers firing a 155 mm howitzer. (Facebook, Youth Daily News photo)

Soldiers firing a 155 mm howitzer. (Facebook, Youth Daily News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Lieutenant General Chiu Shu-hua (丘樹華), the Ministry of Defense (MND) deputy chief of staff, on Thursday (Sept. 25) oversaw the Army’s Matsu Defense Command’s joint anti-landing operations

During the early morning exercises, the Army conducted live-fire drills with 81-millimeter mortars and high-caliber cannons including the 240 mm howitzer, aptly dubbed the "King of Artillery."

Military News Agency reported the exercises were carried out simultaneously across Lienchang County’s Nangan, Beigan, and Juguang townships. They were open to the public in order to strengthen the relationship between the military and local communities and to create a sense of togetherness in supporting the military and preparing for a possible war.

During the exercise, artillery troops focused on drills including joint intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, air defense target practice, suppressive fire, anti-ship salvos, and beach live-fire training. Youth Daily News pointed out on Facebook the exercise involved 20 mm anti-aircraft guns, 81 mm mortars, 120 mm mortars, 105 mm howitzers, 155 mm howitzers, and 240mm howitzers, demonstrating Matsu Defense Command’s concept of “preventing war without fearing for one, preparing for war without seeking one.”