Taipei to hold Christmas festival in 4 shopping districts

15 department stores will take part in extended Taipei's Christmas festival

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — To celebrate the spirit of Christmas and to help stimulate the local economy, Taipei will be expanding its Christmas festival this year to four shopping districts across the city.

Not to be outdone by New Taipei City's plan to include a Disney-themed light show, Taipei City will be holding a Christmas festival from Nov. 27, 2020 to Jan. 3, 2021 titled #TaipeiXmas (耶誕玩台北). It will be held in four major shopping districts at 15 department stores.

According to the website Fun Taipei This Way, the festival will include stamp collection activities, challenge games, and discounts, and special offers at all major department stores.

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Certificates issued when purchases exceed a specified amount can be redeemed for limited-edition Christmas gifts. The participating venues will feature a "joyful Christmas atmosphere" created by Christmas decorations, "romantically-lit streets," Christmas lighting, and decorated minivans.

For the 10th anniversary of New Taipei City's Christmasland, there will be Disney characters such as Snow White, Peter Pan, Dumbo, and Alice in Wonderland. Last year, the festival welcomed more than 6.18 million visitors.

There was reportedly a tacit understanding between New Taipei and Taipei to discuss plans for a joint Christmas event. However, with the news of New Taipei's ambitious inclusion of Disney characters, Taipei responded by increasing its Christmas areas from one to four this year.

Taipei’s Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT) Commissioner Liu Yi-ting (劉奕霆) said that each local government takes into account multiple considerations when handling large-scale events, and there is "no such issue with mutual agreements or tacit understandings."

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Liu said the festival in Taipei aims to attract visitors and boost the local economy. He said that last year the Taipei City government hung lights around the municipality to liven the New Year atmosphere.

The commissioner said that in addition to lighting around City Hall, lights and installations will also be hung at six other administrative districts. The idea is to extend the length of large-scale events and encourage the public to participate in more festivals and stimulate the local economy.

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