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Idaho declares Oct. 10 to be 'Taiwan Double Ten Day'

Taiwan donated 100,000 surgical masks to the state

Idaho Governor Brad Little 

Idaho Governor Brad Little  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Idaho Governor Brad Little proclaimed Taiwan’s National Day, Oct. 10, as “Taiwan Double Ten Day” in his state, reports said Thursday (Sept. 24).

In an official announcement, the government emphasized the long history of trade and cooperation between the two sides and remarked that Taiwan had donated 100,000 surgical masks to help combat the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, “presenting strong friendship and support to the Idaho people,” the Liberty Times reported.

Friendship ties between Taiwan and Idaho date back to 1984. After his inauguration last year, Little chose Taiwan as the destination for his first official overseas trip.

The Taiwanese office in Seattle, which covers Idaho, thanked the Republican governor and said it would continue to develop economic, cultural, educational, and other links with the western state.