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Taiwan's migrant worker population drops below 700,000 due to border control measures

Number of migrant workers in Taiwan has continuously dropped since late February of this year

(Lennon Ying-Dah Wong photo)

(Lennon Ying-Dah Wong photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The number of migrant workers in Taiwan dropped below 700,000 at the end of August due to border control measures related to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, according to the latest Ministry of Labor (MOL) statistics.

The data indicates that the number of migrant workers in Taiwan surpassed 600,000 in June of 2016 and continued surging, hitting 700,000 in late September of 2018 and plateauing in late February of this year, bringing the number to 719,487, according to CNA. The total then began to drop continuously due to border control measures, reaching 699,154 in late August.

MOL official Hsueh Chien-chung (薛鑑忠) said on Thursday (Sept. 24) that daily arrivals of migrant workers averaged 624 last year, but average arrivals in August and September of this year totaled approximately 160 each month.

He elaborated that workers from Vietnam and Thailand accounted for the most arrivals in the two-month period, with more than 7,000 workers from Vietnam and 1,285 from Thailand. Meanwhile, workers from the Philippines and Indonesia were tallied at 220 and 150, respectively, Hsueh stated, adding that most of the new arrivals were working in the manufacturing industry.