Norwegian athlete wearing famous Taiwanese hat wins triathlon in Germany

Iden said he hopes to win big at Tokyo Olympics next year

Gustav Iden (<a href="[0]=AZXG4aNzAwJQZ6F1G7m6ioPnZMSMQH2RkEFb8cBDum6R4ox-lO8Y5oU4sGDPcJNqAXFAcMALejAOoanS47kFVlA0Ql20bWFc2WVoJK8YE3TrSgdV_UqEsJbJnmNQXS5GrEJqLeN93bKFyM4nGobLh-o46qLN14wRAhRZzD1xKJgrchnlZy4QJCiuuEfYgxfPUAQ&__tn__=%2CdkC%2CP-R" role="link" tabindex="-1">Ratingen-Triathlon</a> Facebook photo)

Gustav Iden (Ratingen-Triathlon Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Norwegian athlete Gustav Iden, whose image went viral last year after he won a French triathlon event while donning a hat with the name of a Taiwanese temple, won again with the hat in Germany.

Runner's World reported that a total of 40 professional athletes participated in the triathlon held in Ratingen, Germany on Sept. 20, including 24 men and 16 women. The triathlon consisted of a 1,000-meter swim, 40-kilometer cycle, and a 10-kilometer run, UDN reported.

Iden finished the triathlon in one hour, 37 minutes, and 49 seconds, topping the runner-up by two minutes, according to Runner's World.

The lucky hat bears the legend: "Puyan Shunze Temple" (埔鹽順澤宮).

Upon learning the news that the Norwegian had won again in Germany, the temple posted on Facebook, saying that they were proud of him and looked forward to handing out more hats for free.

Iden is focusing on Olympic distance triathlons, with his main goal being the Tokyo Olympics next summer.