Crowds at Taipei Main Station told to wear masks, social distance

People eating together in concourse will be asked to stop or leave

(Taiwan Railways Administration Facebook photo)

(Taiwan Railways Administration Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) said that it will continue to dispatch railway police and volunteers specialized in foreign languages to exhort migrant workers who gather in Taipei Main Station’s lobby to wear masks and social distance, Global News for New Immigrants reported on Tuesday (Sept. 22).

On Sunday, the senior Taipei Main Station official on duty and volunteers checked the concourse intermittently to see if people were following epidemic prevention guidelines, according to the report.

In the afternoon, people were told to stop eating together in the concourse. Those who continued were asked to leave by station officials and railway police. By 4 p.m., no more groups were seen eating in the concourse.

The report quoted Taipei Main Station as saying it will continue to work with railway police to prevent the concourse from becoming a loophole in Taiwan's defense against COVID-19.