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Eswatini voices support for Taiwan's UN membership

African ally encourages UN to include Taiwan, 'leave no one behind'

Eswatini Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini. (Twitter, Ambrose M. Dlamini photo)

Eswatini Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini. (Twitter, Ambrose M. Dlamini photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Swazi Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini on Monday (Sept. 21) spoke up for Taiwan at the UN, calling on the international body to fulfill its promise to leave no one behind and invite the nation to join.

The UN General Assembly began on Monday by commemorating the 75th anniversary of the organization's founding. After a declaration marking the occasion was adopted, individual countries took turns making statements.

When it was Eswatini’s turn to speak, Prime Minister Dlamini said in a pre-recorded video that the African nation once again called on the UN not to leave out anyone. “We urge the United Nations to open its doors to all the nations in the world and their people,” he stated.

Dlamini went on to say that one issue yet to be discussed is Taiwan. He emphasized that the East Asian country has played a meaningful role in the implementation of UN development efforts and that it will continue to contribute to the international community.

He continued by saying that Taiwan’s "inclusion within our community of nations would be a crucial step towards realizing our pledge of leaving no one behind." This would not only bolster the UN’s legitimacy but also lend credibility to its goals and efforts, he noted.

Taiwan and Eswatini have maintained diplomatic relations since 1968.

Updated : 2021-12-01 20:42 GMT+08:00