2nd winner of Taiwan’s Power Lottery jackpot waits two months to claim prize

Taipei resident plans to use money to purchase property, make investments, donate to charity


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Lottery Co. said that the second winner of Taiwan’s most lucrative Power Lottery has come to claim her share of the prize, which amounts to NT$1.56 billion (US$52 million).

Two winning tickets were sold in July by two lottery stores in Nantou County’s Zhushan Township and Taipei City’s Daan District. The first winner, from Zhushan, had claimed the split prize earlier on.

The company said in a statement that this latest development is proof that the winning ticket sold by the Daan lottery store was not collectively purchased by a group of bank employees, as was previously rumored, according to CNA’s report on Monday (Sept. 21). The company also revealed that the second winner is a retired female Taipei resident who said that she has a habit of buying Big Lotto and Power Lottery tickets at different lottery stores.

The company added that the Taipei retiree was tempted by the massive prize of NT$3.12 billion and spent NT$5,600 to buy lottery tickets, using a method of combining numbers she selected herself and computer-generated digits, per CNA. In addition to hitting the jackpot, her tickets also yielded seven 2nd place prizes, six 3rd place prizes, and 42 4th place prizes, bringing her a total of NT$1,589,800,807.

The winner said the highest prize she ever won previously was the 4th place Power Lottery prize, which amounted to NT$20,000. She remarked that she does not usually check her lottery tickets immediately after winning numbers are announced.

However, when she heard the news that someone had hit the massive Power Lottery jackpot, she used the Taiwan Lottery app to check if she won anything. When she realized she had hit the jackpot, she said she almost could not believe it.

As there were numerous news reports covering the lottery at the end of July, the woman intentionally waited until now to claim the prizes, the lottery company said, adding that she kept the winning tickets in her desk drawer this whole time.

According to the lottery company, the winner has planned to worship gods in various temples and use a portion of the prize money to purchase property, make investments, increase bank savings, and donate to charity. She believes that her regular practice of giving out small donations has brought her good luck for winning the prizes.

The company said that the winner has donated a total of NT$20 million to various charity organizations and gave a red envelope containing NT$800,000 to the owner of the lottery store where she purchased the winning ticket.

Taiwan Lottery general manager Eric Tsai shows winning ticket of Power Lottery jackpot.