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Taiwan's Foxconn completes steel frame for data center dome in Wisconsin

Graphic visualization of Foxconn's data center once its construction is completed. (Foxconn photo)

Graphic visualization of Foxconn's data center once its construction is completed. (Foxconn photo)

The steel frame for a 100-foot high-performance computing data center globe (HPCDC) that is being built in the U.S. state of Wisconsin by Foxconn Precision Industry Co. of Taiwan has been completed.

In a statement released in Wisconsin Thursday, Foxconn said that with the completion of the frame, the installation of 642 glass panels will begin soon.

Foxconn said that so far, it has invested US$750 million in the project, which will cost an estimated US$10 billion.

Foxconn's US$10 billion includes a sixth generation flat panel complex (Gen 6 Fab) in Wisconn Valley Science and Technology Park (WVSTP) in Mount Pleasant Village.

The state-of-the-art HPCDC dome will serve as the home to the WVSTP's Network Operations Center (NOC), according to Foxconn.

On the back of the data center, Foxconn said the company will be able to control the computing power that supports Foxconn's sophisticated technologies, such as industrial 5G applications, cloud computing, and industrial artificial intelligence.

"This ecosystem of Foxconn technologies supports advanced manufacturing operations across the WVSTP and gives employers the opportunities to bring jobs to Wisconsin where production of goods and services can remain competitive in the global market," Foxconn said in the statement.

The HPCDC is expected to help the WVSTP create job openings and attract more investments, the company said. The data center will benefit the region and the state by facilitating the development of medical care, academic research, safety and agriculture in the science park, it said.

Foxconn signed an agreement with Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. in November 2017 to build the flat screen manufacturing complex in the state.

In September 2019, Foxconn announced that would to build the HPCDC in the science park and include a Smart Manufacturing Center as part of the Wisconsin investment project.

Updated : 2021-12-05 14:07 GMT+08:00