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Prague mayor shares study abroad experience in Taiwan

Zdenek Hrib recalls month in Taiwan, says his favorite local food was seafood fried noodles

Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib interviewed for Taiwanese YouTube channel. (Youtube screengrab)

Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib interviewed for Taiwanese YouTube channel. (Youtube screengrab)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — During a YouTube interview, Prague Mayor Zdenek Hrib was asked to recall his experience as an exchange student in Taiwan in 2005 and share some of his favorite memories of the country.

During his recent visit to Taiwan as part of the delegation led by Czech Senate President Milos Vystrcil, the mayor sat down with Taiwanese YouTube channel "Stop Kiddin' Studio" (不要鬧) to talk about his impression of the East Asian nation. While studying medicine at Charles University in Prague, he participated in a one-month student exchange program at Taipei's Chang Gung Hospital.

Hrib said his favorite spot in the Taiwanese capital is Taipei 101 because he enjoys skylines. He believes Taipei 101 is the best place to capture Taipei's beauty, adding that there are similar sightseeing spots in Prague, though they are not as tall.

When asked about which Taiwanese food he missed the most after finishing the exchange program, Hrib answered seafood fried noodles. He explained that he is a lover of seafood but that it is difficult to find it in a landlocked country like the Czech Republic.

Hrib said he has tried Taiwanese beer, but he took a liking to Taiwan's Kavalan whiskey when it was presented to him by Taiwanese officials as a gift. He also pointed out the Taiwan beef-flavored instant noodles from the pile the interviewer had prepared and said he remembered them from his time in Taipei.

In response to being nominated one of "the hottest mayors in the world" by Taiwanese netizens, he said that he felt happy and embarrassed at the same time.

Updated : 2021-10-22 03:05 GMT+08:00