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Tainan lists 5 ideal spots for watching Taiwan’s National Day fireworks

Visitors invited to indulge in fireworks display, cultural attractions of Tainan

(2020 National Day fireworks website image)

(2020 National Day fireworks website image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Tainan City Government has come up with a list of its five most recommended spots for watching the 2020 National Day fireworks spectacle, which will take place in the historic southern city on Oct. 10.

Performances will accompany the pyrotechnics show at Yuguang Island (漁光島), a beach area in Anping District adjacent to Anping Harbor. Taina's ideal places from which to view them are Love Square (戀愛廣場), Sunset Platform (觀夕平台), Lin Mo-niang Park (林默娘公園), the Taiwan Warship Museum (台灣船園區), the Eternal Golden Castle (億載金城), and Sikunshen Beach (四鯤鯓海灘).

This is the first time Taiwan's oldest city will host one of the most anticipated events of the year. The show will coincide with the 10th year since Tainan was elevated to the status of a Taiwanese special municipality, according to the city government.

To mark the occasion, the city government has planned events for the run-up to the major showcase on Double Ten Day. These include a concert and fireworks display at Jiangjun Fishing Harbor (將軍漁港) on Sept. 27 and a four-day event between Oct. 1 and 4 featuring acrobatics and folk performances.

Those traveling to Tainan for the National Day show are invited to take part in the 12 itineraries operated by 7 partnering travel agencies to get a taste of the history and relaxing vibes of the old city. Tainan’s culinary attractions are also a source of pride for the city and are not to be missed.