Taiwanese in New York campaign for Taiwan's participation in UN

21 overseas Taiwanese organizations seeking to bring attention to Taiwan’s ability to help world

Taiwanese in New York calling on UN to include their country. 

Taiwanese in New York calling on UN to include their country.  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As the United Nations prepares to commence its General Assembly next week, 21 Taiwanese organizations in Greater New York have launched a petition calling for Taiwan to be included in the international body.

The 75th UN General Assembly is slated to begin Sept. 15 at the UN headquarters in New York City, with the General Debate scheduled for Sept. 22 under the theme "The Future We Want, the UN We Need: Reaffirming Our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism." Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, most of this year's sessions will be held virtually for the first time.

In a joint petition published on Monday (Sept. 7), the Taiwanese organizations pointed out that the nation has not been invited to any UN meetings despite having already demonstrated its ability to contribute to the world. They pointed out that Taiwan is one of the few countries that have successfully contained the spread of coronavirus and that it is eager to assist other nations through global platforms such as the General Assembly.

The petitioners mentioned that the Taiwanese government has been donating anti-epidemic supplies to countries around the world and is in the process of developing coronavirus vaccines. The statement called out the UN for vowing to promote diversity and inclusion while ignoring Taiwan's request to join global conversations.

The petitioners also demanded that Beijing stop pressuring the UN and Taiwan. Asserting that Taiwan is not a province of China, they stated that the latter has no right to speak on behalf of 23 million Taiwanese, reported CNA.

This was not the first time Taiwanese in New York have campaigned for Taiwan's participation in the UN. For the last few years, organizations in the area have marched to advocate for their home country.

The organizations that signed the petition include the Taiwanese American Council of Greater New York, the Committee for Admission of Taiwan to the UN, Keep Taiwan Free, the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of New York, and 17 others. The alliance will hold a press conference at the Taiwan Center in New York on Wednesday (Sept. 9).

Updated : 2020-12-02 00:15 GMT+08:00