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Taiwan Air Force denies it shot down Chinese fighter jet

Air Force Command refutes claims that it shot down Chinese Su-35, calls it fake news

Chinese Su-35 (DefenseWorld photo)

Chinese Su-35 (DefenseWorld photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s Air Force Command Headquarters on Friday (Sept. 4) refuted claims that Taiwan had shot down a Chinese fighter jet.

The Defence Aviation Post, a military enthusiast Facebook group, on Friday afternoon posted that a Chinese Su-35 fighter jet crossed the median line in the Taiwan Strait and was shot down by the Taiwan Air Force. In response, the Air Force Command issued a press release calling it fake news.

It also strongly condemned the deliberate creation and dissemination of false information on the internet to confuse the public. Air Force Command also stated that in order to maintain airspace security, it will continue to monitor the seas and airspace around the Taiwan Strait and provide accurate information in a timely manner to prevent the spread of false news and avoid social unrest.