Taiwan unveils Double Ten Day 2020 emblem

Design employs color blocks in subtle tones that form the double-ten pattern

Double Ten Day 2020 visual (Facebook, @rocbirthday image)

Double Ten Day 2020 visual (Facebook, @rocbirthday image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The emblem marking the 2020 National Day of Taiwan was unveiled on Friday (Sept. 4), accentuating the “Proud of Taiwan” theme.

An extension of the design for last year that highlighted geometric color blocks, the main visual for 2020 features long and short bars that comprise the ”double-ten” pattern.

The logo adopts four subtle-toned hues that carry different meanings. Gold and orange symbolize democratic Taiwan and the warmth and hospitality presented by its people, while green and purple denote reason-based communication and the collective effort to meet challenges, according to the preparatory committee for Double Ten Day events.

The design seeks to convey the notion of inclusiveness that allows different voices to be heard. People are encouraged to express their opinions freely and defend their rights, which constitute the foundation for democratic values to thrive.

As with the emblem last year, the 2020 emblem puts an emphasis on "bringing democratic Taiwan forward with confidence.”