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Over 700,000 fake ‘Made in Taiwan' masks seized in three weeks

Taiwan customs confiscates numerous Chinese counterfeits falsely labeled as Taiwanese products

Fake Made in Taiwan masks seized by Taiwan customs. (Customs Administration photo)

Fake Made in Taiwan masks seized by Taiwan customs. (Customs Administration photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Approximately 726,000 Chinese masks labeled as made in Taiwan were seized by Taiwan's customs in the last three weeks, including the largest single-day seizure of 208,000 counterfeits in Keelung on Aug. 14.

The Customs Administration said Monday (Aug. 31) that an uptick of cheap counterfeits of unknown origin from China and Hong Kong has been observed around the world. It said more than 726,000 fake "Made in Taiwan" masks were seized by customs authorities in just 21 days, from Aug. 10 to Aug. 30.

The administration said counterfeits labeled as Taiwanese products were confiscated almost every day in August since it enhanced inspection of imported face masks. It added that several seizures involved more than 5,000 masks and that a daily average of 10,000 fake masks was reported last week.

The administration said the number of Chinese counterfeits has slightly decreased in August, but it is still a huge problem. It urged Taiwanese consumers not to purchase masks of uncertain origin or with unclear labels, since many of them are not effective against coronavirus, reported Liberty Times.

According to customs officials, importing foreign-made goods with a mislabeled country of manufacture is strongly prohibited. Importers and sellers of fake products can be fined up to NT$3 million (US$101,600) if confirmed to have contravened the regulations, reported CNA.