Taiwan’s StarLux rolls out freight container-shaped gift sets for Moon Festival

All 1,500 sets sold in less than an hour for unique design celebrating first manned mission to Moon

StarLux Box (Facebook, StarLux Airlines photo)
StarLux Box (Facebook, StarLux Airlines photo)

StarLux Box (Facebook, StarLux Airlines photo)

StarLux Box (Facebook, StarLux Airlines photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The limited-edition biscuit sets launched by Taiwan’s startup carrier StarLux Airlines have been flying off the shelves for their peculiar designwhich resembles an aircraft freight container.

Dubbed the “Starbox” (星空箱), the gift set is inspired by AKH, a type of container used to load freight on aircraft. The cargo containers can be found on StarLux’s Airbus A321nero planes, according to the company’s Facebook post promoting the product.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival fast approaching, the airline has made 1,500 gift sets for the occasion, each priced at NT$1,780 (US$61). It is customary to send mooncakes or other desserts as presents to relatives and friends during this holiday.

The product has been so well-received that it sold out in 35 minutes after it went on sale Monday (Aug. 24), reported UDN.

As a tribute to the Apollo 11 space mission in 1969 that took astronauts to the moon for the first time in human history, the gift box contains “fly to the moon” themed commemorative stickers in addition to eight butter biscuits from "but. we love butter,” a Taipei-based pastry business.

Encouraged by the craze for the StarLux biscuit boxes, the company has decided to release a second edition of the gift set later this year but declined to disclose details about its design. In another Facebook post featuring an image with the caption “Back to the Earth,” the airline said the new set will revolve around themes celebrating the advent of the new Space Age.

Updated : 2020-12-04 04:59 GMT+08:00