Taiwan’s MOI plans to charge NT$900 for reissue of digital ID card

MOI pushing for complete replacement of current ID cards with digital versions

Digital ID card (Ministry of the Interior photo) 

Digital ID card (Ministry of the Interior photo) 

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwanese on a budget will have to pay closer attention to where they place their digital ID cards in the future, because the new fee for a reissue is NT$900 (US$30), according to a Ministry of the Interior (MOI) press release on Wednesday (Aug. 26).

The MOI is pushing for the complete replacement of the current ID cards with digital versions in the near future. The first issuance is free of charge; however, the MOI has tentatively set the fee for replacing a worn-out digital ID card at NT$300 and the fee for reissuing a lost card at NT$900.

The replacement fee and reissue fee for the current ID cards are NT$50 and NT$200, respectively.

The MOI says that the higher replacement fee is attributable to the higher cost of manufacturing the IC card, which is more secure as it is embedded with improved anti-fraud technology.

As for the much higher reissue fee, the MOI explains that in case of a lost card, the ministry has to consider related information risk control and management by engaging in investigation and verification. The ministry says it welcomes the public to provide their opinions with regard to the fees.

Updated : 2020-12-04 05:22 GMT+08:00