Swedish celebrity announces divorce from Taiwanese wife on Lunar Valentine's Day

Swedish star of Taiwanese TV show 'Half and Half' shocks fans with announcement of divorce during Qixi Festival

Shanon (left), Ferm (center), their son (right).

Shanon (left), Ferm (center), their son (right).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Swedish entertainer Martin Ferm (方馬丁) shocked his fans by announcing on Lunar Valentine's Day that he is getting a divorce from his wife of eight years.

On his official Facebook page, Ferm, who is best known for his recurring role on the TV show "Half and Half" (2分之一強), on Tuesday morning (Aug. 25) wished his fans a happy Qixi Festival (七夕節) and then announced that he and his wife Shanon are planning to get a divorce. In the post, Ferm revealed that he and his wife had actually decided 10 months ago to divorce but plan to remain friends.

He wrote that his six-year-old son does not appear to be upset by the split because "his happiness comes from the interaction and relationship of his parents, so he is still very happy right now." Ferm closed by stating that he plans to enter into an international divorce agreement and asked his fans for advice.

ETtoday cited Shanon as confirming that the couple had decided to divorce in November of last year. She said it was Ferm who raised the issue first and that she "knows that he has a girlfriend."

Recent appearance by the couple on TV. ("Half and Half" screenshot)

Shanon said that sadness about the end of their union is inevitable, but although they will no longer be husband and wife, they are maintaining a good relationship as family members to their son. Shanon, who is also Ferm's agent, said the two also still have a good working relationship.

Due to Ferm's busy work schedule, Shanon said that she is their son's main caretaker. She added that after the divorce is completed, their son will primarily be staying with her.

Shanon told the news site that she has known Ferm has had a girlfriend for a number of months but that the two agreed not to discuss the matter in front of their son to avoid affecting him. She said that she knows Ferm wishes her well after the divorce, and she wishes him the best as well.

Shanon added that she thinks his girlfriend can also help take care of their son. She said that regarding the divorce, she most worries about hurting her son's feelings and believes she and Ferm have come to a solution that harms him the least.