Taipei moves Lunar 'Valentine’s Day' fireworks to Aug. 29

Yongle Plaza in Dadaocheng will be lit with lanterns every night until Sept. 20

(Taipei Department of Information and Tourism photo)

(Taipei Department of Information and Tourism photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei’s Department of Information and Tourism (DOIT) announced on Tuesday (Aug. 25) that the city government had decided to move the 2020 Taipei Valentine’s Day celebration to Aug. 29 after the event, originally scheduled to take place on Aug. 22, was postponed due to Tropical Storm Bavi.

DOIT Commissioner Liu Yi-ting (劉奕霆) said in the release that after a careful assessment of the weather forecast, the city government decided to postpone the celebration by a week later while keeping to the same location, according to a press release on the DOIT website.

He added that the 8-minute riverside fireworks display and the 5-hour concert featuring One-Fang (萬芳), Fang Wu (吳汶芳), and Eve Ai (艾怡良) will also remain unchanged. However, there will be a slight adjustment to the arrangement for the crafts fair and food trucks. The commissioner invited members of the public to come with their families, friends, and lovers.

As part of the celebration, Yongle Plaza in Dadaocheng, which is located to the east of the fireworks venue, will be turned into an Instagram-friendly destination when it becomes lantern-lit from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every night from now until Sept. 20.

Yongle Plaza in Dadaocheng (Taipei Department of Information and Tourism)