Taipei City Government affiliates to charge fees for disposable cutlery

Measure expected to cut one-time use waste by 5 million units a year

Disposable tableware (Getty Images image)

Disposable tableware (Getty Images image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taipei City Government affiliate facilities will in phases start charging fees for disposable tableware, which is expected to slash the amount of this kind of waste by 5 million units a year.

Wanfang Hospital will be the first to introduce the measure, followed by Taipei Arena and tourist attractions the Grass Mountain Chateau, as well as Lin Yutang House, by the end of the year. All 66 city government-affiliated venues will have the rule put in place by July 5 of 2021, said the Department of Environmental Protection.

Prices for the one-time use tableware are: meal box (NT$2), bowl (NT$1), spoon (NT$1), and chopsticks (NT$1). This is intended to address environmental woes via source reduction.

The capital of Taiwan has implemented a ban on disposable cutlery and utensils made from melamine resin since 2016. The bid has seen paper and plastic utensil waste decreased by 82 percent and 66 percent, respectively.

Reducing one-time use tableware has been at the core of Taiwan’s efforts to become an environmentally-friendly country. The central government has mounted a nationwide campaign to transform the country’s gastronomic scene by promoting a cut in the use of non-reusable products, recycling, energy conservation, and other measures at night markets.