Photo of the Day: Ducks chilling in New Taipei convenience store

Sign says ducks keeping cool with AC in New Taipei convenience store

(Twitter, @nalalandoz photos)

(Twitter, @nalalandoz photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Photos showing ducks hanging out in a convenience store in New Taipei and a sign explaining that they were just there to enjoy the air conditioning during the sweltering Taiwanese summer went viral over the weekend.

On Saturday (Aug. 15), Twitter user Nala (@nalalandoz) shared a photo of two ducks standing next to a freezer and another photo of a handwritten sign at the checkout counter that read in Chinese, "Those are ducks. They aren't raised by us, they came here to cool off with the air conditioning." In the three days since, the post has gained 13,000 likes, 3,430 retweets, and 136 comments.

A couple of netizens who commented below claimed to have seen the ducks recently in a shop that is next to the Sanhe Night Market in New Taipei City's Sanchong District. One netizen wrote that the ducks belong to a tempura stand owner next door.

Ducks spotted in store. (Twitter, @nalalandoz photo)

In response, some netizens mentioned another convenience store where a cute corgi is often spotted. Another speculated that the sign had been put in place after the clerks had been badgered about the ducks on too many occasions.

One person wrote that if the store was in China, the ducks would have already been eaten. Following the same line of thought, another netizen changed the translation to read, "Those are ducks. They are not raised by us, but they are still in the store. They've just come to the shop to keep warm in the oven."

Sign disavowing ownership of ducks and explaining their need for AC. (Twitter, @nalalandoz photo)