KMT comprised of 'scoundrels and fools': Scholar

US-based Taiwanese scholar says KMT has severe party composition issue

KMT Kaohsiung Mayoral Candidate Li Mei-jhen.

KMT Kaohsiung Mayoral Candidate Li Mei-jhen. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Weng Ta-jui (翁達瑞), a U.S.-based scholar, pointed out that KMT candidate Li Mei-jhen’s (李眉蓁) devastating loss was a matter of party composition, saying the Kuomintang (KMT) only has "scoundrels and fools left.”

After the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election on Saturday (Aug. 15), in which Li received only 248,478 votes, Weng said via a Facebook post on Monday (Aug. 17) that it does not take much analysis to see why she was nominated as the party’s mayoral candidate. The KMT monopolized Taiwan’s political and economic resources for decades, Weng remarked, and the original ideals on which the party was founded either did not match Taiwan’s development in space and time or were abandoned by those in power.

Weng stated that the KMT, without vision, will only keep losing talent. In the end, she said only two types of party members are left: “scoundrels who want to take advantage of the party, or fools who are deceived by the party."

She continued by noting that the KMT, in fact, had stronger and better candidates than Li, but no one was willing to sacrifice themselves for the party. These "capable but careful" party members are all "scoundrels," and those who were eager to run in the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election are reckless "fools" who falsely believed that even if they lost the election, they would gain popularity.

“Li was considered to have a better demeanor so she was nominated by the party chairman who is also a fool,” Weng stated. Ultimately, she said that with Li’s “disastrous defeat,” the KMT may never fully recover politically in southern Taiwan.

Weng observed that Li’s mayoral defeat exposed the KMT’s composition issue. Unless the party can rebuild a suitable vision for governing the country, the problem will not improve, and similar political losses will occur in the future, she said.

Weng concluded by saying, “Flowers attract bees and butterflies, cow dung attracts mosquitoes and flies!"