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Taiwan’s Gogoro plans to exceed 1,900 charging stations by 2020

Gogoro currently has 1,793 battery swapping stations around country

Gogoro rider swaps batteries at battery charging station

Gogoro rider swaps batteries at battery charging station (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — As domestic demand for electric scooters continues to rise, Gogoro says it plans to have over 1,900 battery swapping stations in its Gogoro Network throughout Taiwan by the end of 2020.

According to Inside, the electric scooter maker currently has 1,793 charging stations in Taiwan, including the six major metropolitan areas. The company recently won a bid from Taiwan’s state-owned petrochemical company — CPC Corporation (台灣中油) — to install 110 more battery swaps at CPC gas stations around the country.

This will bring the number of GoStations — Gogoro’s name for its charging platforms — at CPC petrol stations to over 348, making CPC Gogoro’s largest partner in terms of battery exchange stations. Gogoro Network General Manager Pan Jing-lun (潘璟倫) thanked CPC for its long-term promotion of the service.

Pan also pointed out CPC was the first company to partner up with Gogoro to install charging stations. CPC set up its first GoStation at its Yongqi Taishan (永錡泰山) gas station in New Taipei City in May 2015.

Gogoro Network also has plans to install battery stations on more of Taiwan’s outlying islands as well. It set up its first swapping stations in Penghu (澎湖) in 2018, and is now planning to expand the network to Lambai Island (小琉球).

Gogoro is also looking to expand their battery network coverage to 14 other less populated regions, including Miaoli’s Dahu Township, Gongguan Township, Houlong Township, Shitan Township, Tongxiao Township, Yunlin’s Baozhong Township, Chiayi’s Dongshi Township, Jhongpu Township, Lucao Township, Tainan’s Cigu District, Pingtung’s Liuqiu Township, Sinpi Township, Taitung’s Donghe Township, and Luye Township.