Korea Tourism Organization in Taipei promotes post-pandemic travel

KTO celebrates 40th anniversary in Taiwan, announces benefits for tour groups until July 2021

SPA Valley Resort in South Korea. (KTO photo)

SPA Valley Resort in South Korea. (KTO photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) celebrated its 40th anniversary in Taipei over the weekend and announced extra benefits for Taiwanese travel agencies until next July.

During a press briefing at the W Taipei hotel, the KTO noted that South Korea's tourism industry has been crippled by the coronavirus pandemic. It pointed out that Taiwan is one of the few countries relatively untouched by the coronavirus and as such has the most potential to revive global tourism with its travelers.

The KTO said the number of Taiwanese tourists in South Korea has increased over the years, with more than 11.2 million recorded in 2018 and 12.6 million in 2019. It expressed hope that Taiwanese travel agencies will continue to support South Korea tourism after the pandemic and enhance cooperation between the two countries.

The organization pointed out that regardless of their size, all Taiwanese tour groups will receive upgraded benefits through June 30, 2021. Meanwhile, it invited the public to experience pseudo-trips to South Korea at the 2020 Taipei Tourism Exposition (TTE) from Aug. 28-31, reported CNA.

KTO celebrated 40th anniversary in Taiwan over the weekend. (KTO photo)

Songdo Cloud Trails in Busan, South Korea. (KTO photo)

Jeju Island's Gotjawal Forest. (KTO photo)