Taiwan's poultry industry secures equitable labeling requirements for imports amid steep competition

Double standard has made it difficult for domestic poultry industry to compete: Poultry Association of Taiwan

(Pikrepo photo)

(Pikrepo photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Poultry Association of Taiwan on Tuesday called for imported poultry meat to be clearly labeled with the slaughter date so that the domestic poultry industry can compete fairly with imports, and the Taiwan FDA has responded by announcing the change will be adopted next summer.

Poultry Association Secretary-General Wang Chien-pei (王建培) said that the market share of imported poultry in Taiwan has increased to 40 percent over the last three years, CNA reported.

The chairman of the association, Chen Kou-tsun (陳國村), said that while the date of slaughter must be displayed on the labels of domestic poultry, this is not currently required for imported poultry. With the prices of imported poultry meat only about half of their domestic counterparts, vendors can pass off imported meat as a domestic product to increase their profits.

Imported poultry products at big-box stores are generally labeled with the country of origin and date of expiration, but they do not list information on when the birds were killed. Taiwanese care a lot about whether poultry is fresh, but imported poultry products do not reveal all the related information, Chen said, adding that some imported poultry is not even labeled with the country of origin.

Chen pointed out that the status quo has created an unfair obstacle for domestic poultry and threatened its survival. Therefore, the association asked the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (Taiwan FDA) to step up labeling for imported competition.

The Taiwan FDA met with the Poultry Association on Monday (Aug. 10), with the agency saying that beginning July 1, 2021, all imported poultry, both fresh and frozen, will be required to contain information about the country of origin, date of slaughter, and expiration date, CNA quoted Chen as saying.