Drought makes Chiaming Lake in E. Taiwan look like ‘sunny-side-up egg’

With just 15 rainy days in Taitung in June and July the lake needs a tropical rainstorm to help fill it

Chiaming Lake 

Chiaming Lake  (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The water level at East Taiwan’s Chiaming Lake (嘉明湖) has reduced so much due to a lack of rain that it has become the shape of a “sunny-side-up egg,” which rarely happens in August, according to a CNA report on Thursday (Aug. 6).

According to Central Weather Bureau statistics for the past 12 years, average total rainfall in Taitung County in June and July is over 200 millimeters. There was 868 mm of rain in 2012, compared to just 164.8 mm this year, per CNA.

The number of rainy days in Taitung in June and July this year was just 15, and not much rain fell on these days. This has been compounded by the fact that no typhoons hit Taiwan in June and July.

Taitung has suffered from a drought this summer. However, it has not so far affected the water supply to households in the county, according to the report.

CNA quoted Chiu Kuan-chung (邱冠中), a mountain guide frequenting Chiaming Lake, as saying that it is rare for the lake’s water level to drop so low in July and August. In the past, similar water levels were only seen in the winter, he said.

Chiu added rain showers will not fill the lake, what is required is a tropical rainstorm. He added the water supply for the cabin near the lake is currently sufficient, per CNA.