Japanese monk's Heart Sutra beatboxing video goes viral

Yogetsu Akasaka's remix of Heart Sutra chant has attracted more than 700,000 views

Akasaka's remix of Heart Sutra goes viral online. (Twitter screenshot)

Akasaka's remix of Heart Sutra goes viral online. (Twitter screenshot)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Japanese monk Yogetsu Akasaka posted an unorthodox beatboxing remix of the Buddhist Heart Sutra chant on Twitter Saturday (Aug. 1).

Japanese Zen Buddhist monk, Yogetsu Akasaka (赤坂陽月), who is also a beatboxer, handpan player, and live-looping artist, on Saturday tweeted a video of himself chanting the Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra, commonly known as the Heart Sutra, using a Boss RC 505 loop station. The video was published in May on YouTube, where it has already been watched more than 740,000 times.

According to the tweet, Akasaka wished to heal the world with the "Heart Sutra Beatbox Remix." "Modern problems require modern solutions," one netizen posted after watching the clip.

Another comment stated: "Form is emptiness, and emptiness is form. One of the immortal lines in the Heart Sutra. The monk is using the form of a looping remix to deliver the message of the Heart Sutra."

Juksy reported that Akasaka was a professional beatboxer for 15 years before becoming a monk. He has become famous for combing electronic music, sutras, and beatboxing, earning himself the handle "DJ monk".

Akasaka has released more tracks for meditation and sleeping on various digital platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.