8 patients to receive organs of New Taipei police officer

Yang Ting-hao lingered several days after being hit by scooter

New Taipei police officers pay respects to Yang Ting-hao.    

New Taipei police officers pay respects to Yang Ting-hao.     (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Seven to eight patients will receive organs from a New Taipei City police officer, Yang Ting-hao (楊庭豪), who was pronounced brain dead Monday (Aug. 3) after being hit by a scooter while on duty Sunday.

Yang’s family agreed to donate all his usable organs on Monday. Hung Fang-ming (洪芳明), director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) at Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, said Tuesday that the hospital would remove the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas, cornea, and blood vessels from Yang, according to CNA.

Hung said that as a doctor, it was hard for him to see how devastated Yang’s parents were when Yang was struggling. He added that their decision to donate Yang’s organs will benefit more patients, extending and improving their lives.

The surgery to remove Yang’s organs took place on Tuesday and was expected to continue into the early hours of Wednesday. The organs will be rushed by ambulance to hospitals for immediate transplantation, and about seven or eight patients will receive them.

The hospital quoted Yang’s family as saying that even though Yang was severely injured, his body was still strong and his organs would help more people, which was Yang’s reason for becoming a police officer.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital Vice President Cheng Kuo-hsiang (鄭國祥) thanked Yang’s grief-stricken parents.

"He will exist in the world," Cheng said.

While responding to a brawl in New Taipei City’s Shulin District on Sunday, Yang was hit by a scooter drove by a young man without a license.

Yang Ting-hao's parents at the hospital

Young man who caused Yang's death and his mother kneel to Yang's parents at the hospital on Aug. 3 to express their remorse. (CNA photos)