83% of Taiwanese dads confident in independent parenting ability: Survey

Majority of Taiwanese fathers believe they share equal parenting responsibility with mothers

Survey shows majority of fathers in Taiwan confident in their parenting skills. (Pixabay photo)

Survey shows majority of fathers in Taiwan confident in their parenting skills. (Pixabay photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A recent survey found that 83 percent of Taiwanese fathers have confidence in their ability to take care of their offspring on their own, while 53 percent of mothers expressed concern about leaving the kids alone with their partners.

According to an online survey conducted by the non-profit Hsin-Yi Foundation, 98 percent of the fathers surveyed believe they share as much parenting responsibility as their partners. Meanwhile, 97 percent indicated that they have a good relationship with their children, and 89 percent regard themselves as "competent" parents.

When asked whether they would choose to become a parent if given a second chance, 71 percent of fathers said they would, but only 53 percent of the mothers expressed absolute willingness. Close to 90 percent of the mothers also indicated that they would create opportunities for the fathers to spend time alone with the children on purpose, despite not completely trusting their parenting skills.

In regard to who is considered the primary caregiver in the household, 39.5 percent of the respondents said the mother is, 4.8 percent credited the father, and 45.2 percent believe it to be both.

According to Hsin-Yi Foundation Chairperson Chang Sing-ju (張杏如), the contrast in perspectives shows that Taiwanese fathers need to be more active in their parenting to take some pressure off the mothers. She said that while there has been a value shift with regard to male parenting, societal stereotypes and traditional work arrangements have prevented a substantial change among fathers, per CNA.

The survey was conducted between May 25 and June 30 through online questionnaires. Valid answers were gathered from 3,162 fathers and 5,067 mothers, according to the Hsin-Yi Foundation.

Hsin-Yi Foundation shares survey results in Taipei Aug 4. (CNA photo)