Taiwan faces five challenges in 'second half' of coronavirus pandemic

CECC expert insists Taiwan does not need to spend huge resources to control pandemic

Chang Shan-chwen

Chang Shan-chwen (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Chang Shang-chun (張上淳), organizer of the Central Epidemic Command Center's (CECC) specialist advisory panel, said during a seminar on Thursday (July 30) that Taiwan faces five challenges in the “second half” of combating the coronavirus.

According to Chang, the five challenges include:

  1. The global COVID-19 pandemic getting more severe
  2. How to gradually lift border controls
  3. How to prevent another outbreak during resumption of activities
  4. How to avoid a second outbreak
  5. and, How to obtain effective vaccines and therapeutic drugs, according to CNA.

Chang stated obtaining effective vaccines and therapeutics is the key to the prevention and containment of COVID-19. He told media after the seminar that good progress was being made internationally in terms of vaccine development, while a domestic vaccine was expected to start its first clinical trial in August.

During the seminar, when asked by a scholar whether the low number of Taiwan’s confirmed COVID-19 cases is directly related to the fact the country has not broadly tested people, Chang said that it is possible that some asymptomatic patients have not been screened.

He went on to say, however, that most people screened for COVID-19 under contact tracing have tested negative, and judging from this experience, Taiwan’s comparatively fewer confirmed cases is not because of low testing.