Taiwanese passengers praise island-hopping cruise

Passengers enjoy fireworks display at sea, visits to military tunnels,

The Explorer Dream

The Explorer Dream (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Passengers of Taiwan's first island-hopping cruise returned to Keelung Harbor on Wednesday (July 29) after a four-day and three-night voyage to the islands of Pengu and Matsu, and some of those interviewed by CNA have expressed satisfaction with the journey.

Keelung Mayor Lin Yu-chang (林右昌), who took the cruise, told media that he met many people at sea and all of them seemed to be having a good time. When asked if it was inconvenient to be transported between the ship and the ports of call by tenders, Lin said that it worked out just fine.

The mayor added that using tenders was understandable as there are only about five cities in the world where massive cruise ships can sail directly into the downtown area like in Keelung Harbor.

One passenger who took the island-hopping cruise surnamed Lin said that the journey was pleasant, the tenders were fast, and the time on land was just right, declaring that he would like to do it again. He went on to praise Penghu's spectacular fireworks display, adding that compared to the cost of other trips by plane, the cruise had been a good deal.

Li Chen-hsuan (李晨瑄) enjoyed the visit to the military tunnels of Matsu but noted that the guide service could have been better.

Liu Hsiao-ning (劉曉寧), vice president of business at Hong-Kong based Genting Cruise Lines (雲頂香港有限公司), said the ship's visit to Matsu was a testament to the government's efforts to make the tenders run smoothly. Lin added that these cruises to the islands of Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu will become a new tour model.

A second island-hopping cruise set sail Wednesday for the islands of Penghu, Kinmen, and Matsu. It will return on Aug. 2.

The Explorer Dream (CNA photos)