Biden’s campaign staff told to delete TikTok from phones

Republican, Democratic national committees have already warned against using app

TikTok app

TikTok app (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Staffers from Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential campaign have been told they must remove Chinese video-sharing app TikTok from their work and personal phones due to security concerns.

According to Bloomberg, the decision by the Biden campaign is similar to other U.S. government agencies. The U.S. State Department, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy have already banned TikTok on government-issued devices, while the Republican and Democratic national committees have cautioned against using the app, according to the Verge.

Outside of the U.S. government, Wells Fargo has also prohibited employees from using TikTok on company phones. On July 10, Amazon sent an email to workers asking them to remove the video-sharing app from their phones, but then later that day said the email was sent by accident, cited Verge.

TikTok can access users’ clipboard content on iPhones, which could be problematic for people using a password manager to gain access to secure accounts.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on July 6 that the Trump Administration was contemplating banning the Chinese app, while on July 15, President Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said TikTok restrictions could come in “weeks, not months,” according to the Verge.

TikTok is owned by Beijing-based technology company Bytedance. The company has said it has not and will not provide user data to the Chinese government if requested.